Rotary Madras Midtown world Peace

About the Event:

Let us Celebrate World Understanding & Peace Day of Rotary.

For the first time ever, Rotarians, Inner Wheel Members, Rotaractors, Interactors and Invitees,across the world will be involved in a global project, at the same time !

A ten minutes session of Peace Practice that ends with a Peace Pledge. This is to help gain one’s inner peace, which collectively leads to World Peace.

which corresponds to ( for example ) Feb 23rd 2019,12:00 Noon Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT )

Here is all YOU need to DO:

  1. Register as a Rotarian/ Inner Wheel Member / Rotractor / Interactor or as an Invitee.
  2. Download the ‘Steps to be Followed’ in the event.
  3. Follow the Countdown Clock and be ready, for the event, with prior preparation.
  4. If online, Log on to, at your local time corresponding to 6 pm Chicago Time, to follow the voiceover, which will guide you through the ‘Steps to be followed’ in the 10 minute Peace Practice.
  5. If Offline, based on your set Alarm in your calendar, follow the ‘ Steps to Followed’ in the downloaded PDF form or the audio file of the above Point No 2.

  6. After this 10 minutes, take the Peace Pledge, that will be a personal commitment to a higher life of World Understanding & Peace
  7. End with a Thank Note, with gratitude

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